BCD Flixsters Episode 12- Clerks(2-15-2013)

In this podcast the gauntlet is thrown as we debate Clerks and Kevin Smith’s style. We also talk the Death Star, the BAFTA Awards, Die Hard, and tons more! BCD Flixsters Episode 12- Clerks(2-15-2013).

BCD Flixsters Episode 1- Brick (10/19/2012)

In our first full episode we discuss Rian Johnson’s Brick, last weekend’s box office, and some really exciting stuff coming out in the coming months. BCD Flixsters Episode 1- Brick (10/19/2012)

BCD Flixsters Episode 0- Looper

Hey everyone this is a link to my first podcast with my good friends Alan “Bama” Rodgers and Daniel Stull . In this podcast we talk about last weekend’s box office results, give our personal thoughts on Looper, and chat about some really awesome stuff going on in the world of movies and gaming. We’re planning on starting a…